Theatre Group Proposal

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Theatre Group Proposal

Post by DannyoftheMullins » Fri Aug 27, 2010 8:54 pm


I would like to start a theatre group working five days a week, working Wednesday - Sunday from 24th November to Wednesday 9th January.

The work is suitable for anyone wishing to live life more playfully in the present moment and discover an expanded sense of self. Its equally suited to people with no performance background to experienced performers. All that is required is a will to create and explore through self-enquiry, moovement, music and character exploration. The initial workshops may be emotionally rigorous and are un-suitable for anyone under fifteen.

I see this group as something that grows sustainably to perform, learn and teach in different venues and towns. I imagine us performing for the public at least once a week and put on a twisted panto at Christmas. I see us releasing a Forest Christmas no.1 with the help of the Cave People.

I will be doing workshops and performances in September which would be a good way for people to get a taster and I'll be in touch once I have those dates confirmed. Ideally I'd like some sort of Artist in Residence arrangement where I have a paid role otherwise I need to ask for donations.

Blurb about me:
Danny eats much more chocolate than is healthy for a man but that is beside the point. For two years now Danny has been part of a group called "The Nomadic Academy of Fools" who have been touring the UK and Europe learning and performing this ancient style of theatre taught by the masterfool Jonathon Kay. Freedom of expression, self-realisation and social inclusion are at the heart of the way we work. More recently he has worked at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival doing musical comedy at "Phil and Cammy's Late night Non-sense" supporting Phil Kay and Cameron Sinclair at the Roxy Art House and The Big Red Door on Lady Lawson Street. He's performed sporadically in various outfits at the Forest Cafe since it started ten years ago. He started teaching outside the academy this summer at a performance project based around environmental issues in the Botanic Gardens called "The Secret Grove" and has had very positive feedback. He has written and improvised work for venues including the Salisbury Centre, the Stand Comedy Club, the Traverse Theatre and the Forest Cafe and for festivals like The Secret Garden Party and Knochengorrach. He enjoys writing about himself from a third person perspective, it makes him feel important.
I am just beginning to merge my work as a musician with a sprinkle of comedy with what I have learnt about foolish theatre. From October to November I'm on tour with the fools in Europe in Spain, France and Germany. We have a format where we do two weekends of public workshops sandwiching a week of workshops for the group who have committed for the year. This year we will be running the shows and workshops without our tutor at seven of the destinations.

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Post by DannyoftheMullins » Tue Aug 31, 2010 1:26 am


~ a fools guide ~

A community workshop
and evening performance
with Danny Mullins, Paulo Rangel's drum circle and Friends
Open to everyone and run by donations
Saturday 4th September Himalaya Cafe 20 South Clerk St.

10-6 Workshops ( suppose lunch is in their somewhere too )
6 - 7.30 Dinner and free time
7.30 – 10.30 Performance and Get together

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Re: Theatre Group Proposal

Post by ravanwin » Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:31 pm

i like the idea but i'm not sure about the cost. i'd be willing to help support though - if we could come up with a good plan.

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