Minutes from Volunteer Meeting 11 October 2009-10-11

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Minutes from Volunteer Meeting 11 October 2009-10-11

Post by Julie » Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:09 pm

Minutes from Volunteer Meeting 11 October 2009-10-11

Present at the meeting: Agnes, maria, Hannah, tove, katie, milk, natalie, serena, Ilaria


• Hand signals:
AP: Milk will print out a sheet with the hand signals and put it on the wall in the Action Room

• A4E
At the last meeting we had a complaint about the company A4E.
Apparently people were forced to volunteer at The Forest or their benefits would be stopped.
This is not true. If they don’t like working at the forest they can choose another project (not the forest) and keep getting their benefits. If they don’t show up at The Forest without any warning, and if The forest informs the jobcentre their benefits might be stopped. They really have to make an effort to get their benefits stopped.

• Fundraiser at November 6th-8th 2009
Nobody knows what to do about this fundraiser - What shall we do? Dai and Steven has plans for 2 parties. The Forest has applied for a temporary liquor licence.
AP: Ilaria will write Chris/Dai to fin out more
AP: Ilaria will correct the Events Book - bands can still play this weekend.
AP: Have we got enough booze for this weekend?
AP: Maria, Nathalie and Ilaria will contact bands
AP: Discuss this at the next Café and Events-meeting Thursday at 7

• Updated vollieguide
Milk made an update to the vollieguide “don’t panic”.
Also Hannah and Tove are having vollie induction days - it is going well.
AP: Milk will put a regular event in the websites calendar.: Every 2nd Sunday at 3pm
AP: Tove will put The Forest Café phone number in the guide.

• Vollie mailing list
Milk created it!
AP: Milk will show Hannah and Tove how make a SMS list for nightmanagers

• Conflict engagement:
Nathalie and Maria, quick talk on non-conflict communication:
The Tranquillity Team is open for every one - they work to provide members of the forest with skills. eg Non-conflict/violent communication
We tried it (NCC) out with examplesituations: 1) Name the behaviour - 2) say how it affects you - 3) say a request.
7th December will be “cultural differences” skill-sharing day.
AP: Traquility Team will get involved with the liquor license training.
AP: Milk will set-up a mailing list for the tranquillity team
AP: setup a repeating event in the calendar (1st Monday per month)

• Next vollie meeting is at Sunday 1st of November 5 pm

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Re: Minutes from Volunteer Meeting 11 October 2009-10-11

Post by milk » Wed Oct 14, 2009 11:41 pm

i'm looking to get something sorted for the hand signals, can't guarantee how soon this will be though.

the regular event on the website was added.

i've added the telephone number (and address) to the volly guide wiki. i think it would be best to keep making updates there for the moment as there's a lot that could be bettered and i feel the wiki is the easiest place for everyone to have a hand in helping with this.

an SMS list for night managers or other volunteers is a harder thing than a mailing list to set up - it would [normally] cost us money to get an account with a service that can do this. pricings vary - i don't have time to look into these at the moment, but here are some links for reference. google "bulk sms uk" for even more.

http://www.cardboardfish.com/products/a ... index.html
http://www.tm4b.com/sending-sms/message ... php?ISO=GB

on the Tranquility Team mailing list - thinking about it, would it not be better to keep all the active volunteer related messages on the existing volunteer mailing list? i'd argue that having two or more lists would fragment volunteering efforts.
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