I went to OLD HAT BOOKS and it was GREAT!

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I went to OLD HAT BOOKS and it was GREAT!

Post by lucky » Thu Jun 11, 2009 2:47 pm

Yesterday I went to the opening of Old Hat books. It's in the Red Room (first through the door) of the Forest. It is a radical library of books, zines and hats. We read out passages from some of our favourite writings. I borrowed a russian fake-bear-fur hat (ushanka sans earflaps?) and read a few pages from The Master and Maragrita. It was wild! I was particularly impressed with Scout's vivid and energetic reading of The Lorax.

I'm so proud to see that a group of people have come into Forest, seen a space, had an idea, and made it happen. This is what should be happening in Forest all the time. Cool, positive, stunning, interesting, different, intelligent, creative, engaging ideas and events. It raises my heart and makes all my efforts in Forest feel more worth it when something like this happens.

I hope there's another readings day at Old Hat Books. Have you got one planned?

Anyway, it rocks my ass and I suggest you get down to Old Hat books and, um, get your, um, ass rocked too.


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Re: I went to OLD HAT BOOKS and it was GREAT!

Post by ChaoticReality » Thu Jun 11, 2009 5:36 pm

I was asleep :( :cry:

Dawnsio 'mlaen i'r gwres prynhawn a rwy'n addo erbyn yfori byddai wedi mynd, hwyl fawr i pawb, hwyl fawr i pawb...

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