Does anyone have any welding equipment I could borrow?

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Does anyone have any welding equipment I could borrow?

Post by stuart » Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:29 pm

Hi I wondered if anyone had any welding tools that I could borrow for a day, perhaps with a short ten minute crash course on how to use them?

I have this candle set that I bought several years ago. It was part of a set of hand made candle holders crafted by a local artist, and they were all on sale. I bought this one for £10, reduced from £50! Bargain..... (pics below) Sadly I never really got to use it properly because I went to live in Holland shortly thereafter, and when I came back the people I had entrusted to look after them (my artistically retarded parents) decided to have a clear out when I was away and threw out a part of the set that was too big to fit in any boxes.

So what I am looking to do is re-make the bit that is missing, which I think should not be too difficult as it was the simplest bit by design. The three conical bits that hold the candles fitted into a large metal ring with three small rings placed equidistantly round the edge to accommodate them, and the whole thing hung down from the ceiling via the chains.

I don't know what the material is, at a guess I would say some form of carbon steel. The material used to replace this section is not so important so long as it is not too heavy of course. So what I would be looking to do is either source some materials already the desired topology for the job, or buy/find some metal rods and bend them into the required shape myself, preferably at minimal cost.

I might also, if someone is willing to let me use some tools for longer, make some fixtures for placing the cones onto a wall as this is by far a more practical alternative.

Pics here, can't work out how to insert image. Image is either too big or it wont take me to the direct http address.

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