a great idea or a foolish one ?

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a great idea or a foolish one ?

Post by amelia » Fri Sep 12, 2008 2:42 am

Hello everyone. I have an idea. It could be very good or it could be impracticable. I put it to you to comment at the next meeting. Please pass it to another meeting group that it is better suited if appropriate. Thank you.

I propose to only the forest, that I pay return airfare to Australia in exchange for willing and wanting bodies to work at my organic property doing mainly revegetative stuff but a bit of 'whatever needs doing'thrown in. I have a background in ecology and this place is as sustainable and respectful of earth as is possible. Only sensitive people work here with a respect for the environment considered top priority.

It is extremely healing to be here and would be wonderful for those who really need to get away/respite from the city, whocan perform the tasks required and who have character refernces in addition to whatever other skills they may hve accumulated.

I could combine this with other healing if appropriate eg vibrational medicines, sound release work, emotional healing, guidance counselling/chatting about problems they carry.

I want to ready this place for the next chapter in my life and finding good reliable workers here is not easy as it is a slow paced isolated town but so beautiful, relaxing and creative. Perfect for grey cemented psyches wanting to feel free and at peace. I write this feeling it could be just the thing for some. I was a little saddened to see a decline in health and spirit of a few people since I was last there.

There can be simple accomodation here and better energywise if not only one but two or three. At a rate of $20 Australian dollars per hour, we could work out a set length of this time for this WORKING RESPITE HOLIDAY in the highlands of South East Queensland. Och aye. Would attach photos but do not know how. There would be a man working on site in a coordinator role and the coming and going of Australian trade workers as required. It is a lovely little town with a community feel.

Over to you...what say you thus far wise Forest Counsel? If it works out after the first trial period one, we could do it again, and again....til I leave it.

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