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this forum

Post by neil » Mon Jan 24, 2011 6:46 pm

Obviously, there is a lot of important stuff in this forum. But does this topic merit a forum entirely for itself? Possibly all posts related to volunteering should be for either the People's Forum, the EVS, or the FAT forum?

It's good to keep the total number of forums down to a minimum so the scope of the bb does not look overwhelming to newcomers. If this forum does not need to continue, where should it be archived, and who should be able to view its contents?

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Re: this forum

Post by swithun » Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:43 pm

It is the forum that dies harder than Bruce Willis. There aren't that many posts or topics, compared to other fora. But looking at the topics, they wouldn't easily fit into one or even many other fora.

Volunteering is an important part of the Forest. It is more specific than what goes in the People's Forum. It covers more than what goes in Kitchen/Cafe. It should be public and isn't only related to EVS.

It has a descriptive name, and people like that - see how many new people ask volunteering questions here. If the forum was merged or spread over several fora, they might not know where to ask something or look for information. It is a worthy goal to make the BB less intimidating to new users. But reducing the number of fora, to achieve that goal, has a limit, beyond which it is counter productive.

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