minutes from meeting on dec. 3rd 2006

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minutes from meeting on dec. 3rd 2006

Post by ravanwin » Wed Dec 06, 2006 9:23 pm

Web Meeting:

Who is here:

Chakan, Chris, Shannon, kennie, Sean, Neil, Pogo, Ryan


1) Introduction of site
2) how to submit
3) Q & A
4) calanders and action forms
5) explorer compatibilty
6) viral permission based news letters
7) help with events


Best browser to use is firefox.
You cannot submit content with safari because safari is, “behind the times.”

everyone who is on the collective list can submit contecnt to any section but they can only author and edit all the stuff for they have permission for. they do not have acess to edit or change anything other than thier own site.

it is all pretty user friendly.

Pogo walks us through and shows us how easy it is to edit once you have an account. if you want one: JUST ASK.

don’t hit the back button. it locks you out.

You can easily manage your content, your events (which appear on the calander on the front page) you can add new events, promote your WORKSHOPS, your events, every thing that happens. Our calander can be quite.

Perhaps someone wants to update the events page and the calander.

Action: Chakan will work with Dai (we hope) to update the calander with December’s events.

Also, the shop could be updated and revised. While noone has ever bought anything from us, it would be good to have a web presence.

Submitting new content:

we have the most powerful open source CMS in the WORLD.

it is possible to easily submit anything.
For example, if you wish to submit to the collective section, it is very easy.
ALL the buttons have “roll overs” and so if you don’t know what the button does, you can leave your mouse over it.

You can choose fonts, change it all etc.

The bottom row is the important / cool row.
Add Image, add movie, add sound... add anything!
it is all very user friendly.

the second box is a READ more box...

below that is:
insert page break, (i.e. 1,2,3,4)

publication date:
if you are working on something you can hold it’s publication date untill it is ready.

Why isn’t everyone doing this: It is so fucking easy!


what needs to get done...

Events: move towards getting the events booked ONLINE instead of using the book.

Working groups calander: can we have the working group meetings on there, possibly color coded.

Art Gallery: no one has been taking care of the Forest Gallery achived, described and represented. It needs to be done!

Pogo doesn’t want to hunt people but can manage the content.

We agree that every working group has a responsibility to update and maintain a web pressence. If we are seen to be doing things we will be looked upon favorably by the police and the grants operators:

Work groups should be changed: forest group.

Action for all: Send pogo an email and get an account! Then you can get on the collective list.

Bottom liners from every working group should be updated.

Action: discuss at forest working groups. Ryan to harass all bottom liners vigerously.

can kennie get into the source code to fix glitches which appear in explorer?

action: kennie do it all off-line but it seems it could be a waste of time.
action: We will add a banner that says: use firefox because it is better.


banner ads: are the ads good there?
most say yes.


form a mailing list. chakan to discuss with Pogo and we will see if we can set one up.

action: chakan to work on setting up a forest events mailing list (viral!) and also to work on setting up the events booking clander online. will doctor this up with kenni and present to pogo.

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