Minutes of first meeting, 6th Dec.

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Minutes of first meeting, 6th Dec.

Post by chombee » Wed Dec 06, 2006 6:58 pm

Present: Chris, Sean


* Poster on forest notice boards/mission for this working group
* Things that need fixing
* Things we need to buy or get somehow

Poster on forest notice boards/mission for this working group

There is no notice on the pinboard in the forest about this working group and its meetings. Action point: Sean to make the poster and put it up.

Sean will decide on the mission for this working group and put it on the poster. It will be something like:
To find and maintain the best equipment appropriate to forests multifarious needs. To one day have a 7 colour laser.
The poster should also mention that people can come along when we're fixing things if they want to be shown how to fix things. This way things might still get fixed when Sean and Chris are dead.

It should also mention that if things are broken and need fixing, people can tell us by posting to this board.

It should also mention the next meeting: Monday 9th January, 6pm, in the forest

Things that need fixing

The music playing from the mac jukebox keeps cutting out. This is probably due to a dodgy cable or input going from the mac in the black cupboard to the amp in the black cupboard. Action point: Sean to take a look at this. Maybe. Wiggle the cables going from the mac and the amp and switch them between different amp inputs. Try to confirm which is the broken piece. Buy new cable if necessary. Sean might not know what to do. Sean has never owned a home stereo.

The phone in the office needs fixing: is there a phone in the office? Does it have a cable? Is the phone broken? Is the the cable broken? Is there a phone socket in the office? Is that broken? We don't know. Action points: 1. Find out what needs to be done. 2. Do it. This action point is untaken so far. One of us may investigate if we get round to it.

The Internet server above the kitchen and its associated the modems, switches and routers need to be replaced, because the Internet connection keeps going down and it's a bitch to reset it. Action points: Sean to find and post on this forum the names of the various modem/router in one devices available to the forest. It has to be an adsl modem and wired and wireless router in one, and it has to be capable of limiting bandwidth usage on the wireless so people don't screw us. These are expensive. Sean has one at home, and one at a friends flat, and there is one in the forest's office. Get the device names of each of these, and links to their manuals. Determine whether any of them can do the job. If not, we may buy a router, or try to find one or get one donated.

The Forest would like a listening station for the forest's music. This would be a donated second-hand laptop converted by Sean into a music jukebox using free software, and with all the Forest music loaded onto it. Chris will then mount it onto a pillar somewhere in the Forest and attach some headphones to it. Ideally it would have 40GB of disk space for the music, but 5GB would be okay, 4GB minimum. Action point: Sean to send out more emails trying to get a laptop donated, hassle people who have promised to donate laptops.

Chris will fix random stuff from time to time. Today he fixed a number of microphones.

Sean will fix broken computers from time to time.

Chris will get some stagelights to light the stage.

Pogo is sourcing some overhead room mics that we can record gigs with. There is already a CD burner for burning recordings of gigs to disc.

Things we need

A 7 colour laser. Chris is on this.

A second computer for the office. Maybe Duncan has one to sell us? Action point: Chris to email Duncan about computer. Sean suggests we let him install Ubuntu on this computer instead of Microsoft Windows. It will last longer and not have viruses.
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Post by chris » Thu Dec 07, 2006 5:38 pm

more things we need, am trying to get

2 channel dimmer rack for the lights.

and pogo i ran into a sound engineer friend, he recomends the rodeo NT4 microphone (which requires phantom power)
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