new arts magazine opportunity...

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new arts magazine opportunity...

Post by scoutwinter » Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:50 am

Hello there!

My name is Laura and I am the Visual Arts Feature Editor for a brand new urban culture and arts magazine called Trisickle. I am currently on the look out for up and coming
artists to showcase, this is a fantastic opportunity to really show off your talent in a creative publication.

Feel free to email me: with a maximum of 5 images of your works (pdf or jpeg only please) and an accompanying statement, it doesn't have to be
long (250- 800 words). It could be your artists statement, details of project/exhibition, inspirations, themes or you could be more quirky if you like. The text should be a
Word doc, normal font and the deadline for this opportunity is the end of February.

The website is currently under construction so we have a temporary blog at !!! Check it out!

Warm Regards,

Laura Tully

Feature Editor – Visual Arts
Trisickle Magazine™
Mobile: 07761899677
Office: 0845 3011546

Trisickle™: A paradox of freedoms gained and the danger of life's own progressive nature. The ‘tricycle’, your first set of wheels, good feelings, the discovery of newfound
freedoms and the ‘sickle’, symbol of mortality, the gnarl some edges mutually felt by a group 'tri', those who constantly push and witness life's own evolution.

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Re: new arts magazine opportunity...

Post by arizoniandreamer » Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:45 pm

nice one!
What about sell it at the forest getting a percentage of the price? it might be a good opportunity for a new zine and for us to raise some more money. Hm?


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