Save Swimming Pools Petition

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Save Swimming Pools Petition

Post by Emma » Mon Sep 21, 2009 1:30 pm

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(apologies for mass email)
sign our petition

Jimmy Kerr
Johnstone and Elderslie Save our Swimming Pools
27 Newton Street


Some of you may be aware that Renfrewshire Council have recently annouced plans to close Johnstone and Elderslie swimming pools as part of a Leisure Asset Review. Ironically, the closures are actually part of an investment programme, with a budget of £38 Million across Renfrewshire.

Since then, massive opposition, not just in Johnstone and Elderslie, but across the whole of Renfrewshire resulted in a campaign group being set up, Johnstone and Elderslie save our swimming pools (JESS)

After a series of meetings and lots of press interest, the group has now come up with alternative proposals, that save Johnstone and Elderslie Pools, yet crucially fall within the £38 Million and we are currently trying to build support from various groups.

If you think you can help please contact the group secretary Lorraine Brown:
01505344132, 07544841172
Please take the time to sign our petition at , contact Lorraine or Myself anytme

Jimmy Kerr

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