Action Meeting 10th Aug

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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Action Meeting 10th Aug

Post by James » Sun Aug 10, 2008 9:15 pm

Present: James, Nix, Taskin, Roman

(some of these minutes are truncated for security reasons)

Reiterate No ppl drinking in craft room.
On the 22nd aug, 6pm, craft room action night.
At this a decision will be made whether to replace the lock.

The action room is becoming a mess like the old office was.
After august:
Massive clearout
Action room coordinater will be appointed, will change regularly to avoid burnout, will keep place clean, promote to other groups.
Discussion will happen with administrators later about who is the best person to manage the diary.

Forest Bikes are from now on vollies only
The issue of forest bikes to be raised at next FWG.

to discuss more later:
outreach to other cool groups in edinburgh and beyond!
action group taking responsibility for forest being a good ecological place
(my personal bug bear: turn the computers in the action room off at night or when not in use!)

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Re: Action Meeting 10th Aug

Post by bill » Mon Aug 11, 2008 8:41 pm

i think these guys are worth talking to. they say they offer advice on funding for example?i will try talking to them ... tution.htm


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