artist facilities wg 6 march, 2008

Working group and other such Forest meeting minutes
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artist facilities wg 6 march, 2008

Post by ravanwin » Thu Mar 06, 2008 8:05 pm

Present: The Martins, bloo, james, nix, abby, ryan

apologies: gareth, chris palmer (I don't believe he actually apologized)


cave update
screen printing room
hall? here?
what is the point?
news of the forest magazine

Cave Update:

cave is going well and is making between £50 - £80

thing about the cave is that it keeps getting trashed. within a fortnight cables will be organised and labelled. cables will be in cave and cafe and labelled accordingly.

nix thought ryan was doing this...
action: ryan has begun to keep track of this. kind of but not long term.

Screen Printing Room:

Palmer has lost heart. now it is back like a loyal dog who is well fed. He will be starting it soon. Bikes that are in there will be moved to the balcony. that's 3 bikes. The plan is to get them all out.
the boiler room will turn into a screen printing workshop.
bikes to be kept neat and on the second step. that is that. alles clar?
action: nix will clear screen printing room.

Hall: Here:

Lights are going to be organised soon.
we charge for the use of the lights.

What is the Point of this meeting???

martin: this is an amalgamation of several working groups and these mergings may be totally arbitrary. things that need to be discussed together. the thing is that each of these facilities are run by their own thing. what is the reason? just seems more awkward.

bloo: seeing as there are not many issues to talk about and therefore why more.

ryan explians the dream. he can not type and speak.

nix had hoped that budgets could be decided via AF WG.

consequences must be had if bottomliners who are in charge of certain aspects don't show up.
action: all to remember this discussion and reiterate at OOTB


martin is trying to do some things but he is not ready to take on more responsibility. Danny Darkroom has totally vanished and that is frustrating.
there is money in there but martin cannot get it. needs to get key from danny.
martin is not a replacement for danny but will do a bit more.

action: martin to PM duncan re switching the darkroom.
action: ryan to PM Danny re: money box / money?


Within a fortnight nix says workshop will be tidy.
the group wishes nix well!

Forest News Letter:

abby: could we have a space to put our stuff.
YES: website – speak to milk. server – add to it in the future. physically – put the issues in the file cabnit in the office.

Action: martin to work with geeks on server stuff.

The Office:
should continue to be used. but how? we do not know.

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Post by Martin » Fri Mar 07, 2008 1:50 pm

I sent Daniel an email last night about taking over some of the darkroom stuff and have gotten a reply today. I'm going to meet up with him to chat about it, and he's sent me the email addresses of people who've enquired lately and still need to be got back to, which I'll take care of.

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Post by bill » Fri Mar 07, 2008 9:36 pm

please fuck off with putting more bikes on balconies! we are trying to sort that out and get folk there. please.

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