Cafe and Events WG Meeting 04th December 2007

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Cafe and Events WG Meeting 04th December 2007

Post by lucky » Thu Dec 06, 2007 2:00 pm

Hope this is cool. May be biased as I've added bits from memory, and got confused trying to write and contribute at the same time.


Present: Ryan, Swithun, Alex, Martin, Graeme, Pockets, Tim, Shannon, Martyna, Bryony, Gareth.

Apologies: Torstein, Lukasz

Vacant: Everyone else.

BarredCam – RVW Underneath Till
Tabletops Print – Alex still to do
Swith to speak to Tariq – Done
Grill – Fine
Sign for Vollie Cupboard – Laura didn't. Swith will.
Vollie Party – Done. Good.
Kitchen Overhaull – Not discussed yet for Shannon
Cleaning – Done
DVD – Pockets Scripted.
Alex - Still to do a lot of stuff. Repremand extravaganza.

kitchen equipment
coffee grinder
swithun's table tops
laundry bins
bins in general
drum kit
barrings and watchings
holiday opening times
New events book
KM Update
New Years Eve
Building Half Day
Front of house.

Kitchen Overhaul – Alex says another meeting needed. Ryan and Shannon explain idea. More homemadey, better food. Next Cafe and Events Meeting we will rediscuss.

Display fridge, new one? - If overhaull needed, do we want a need display fridge? Shannon says we should get a taller fridge, and a heater instead where Dfridge is now. Will discuss in Jan.

Freezer – Shannon turned it off, not being used. Need something to hold coffe grinder on. Trish interested in getting it for a donation. Swith – we can't keep it on or it will become mouldy. Graeme going to go BAMB. SHANNON will tell Trish about the freezer.

Grinder – Ryan is FURIOUS. someone's messing with the grinder. It takes 10-15 secs to pour a shot. SWITH notice on coffee grinder. SHANNON to get in touch with grinder people about warranty. And potentially about getting coffeedude out to look at the shots again.

Laundry Bins – People putting dirty rubbish in the laundry bin. KMs tell Swith and Pomme when laundry's running low. BRYONY to do rota for laundry.

Fridge downstairs - a bit mouldy. Shannon explains why. Clean tomorrow. KMs to empty drip bin more regularly.

Barrings and watchings – Ryan, how to deal with problems at the moment. Nix and Ryan discussed we had barred camera. Pics up on private section on BB. Tim says would be nice as a volunteer to have a book of peoples barred. Furious debate.
If we have it then we need to have a reason with pictures so people can give reasons for barring. Shannon feels dirty, like it's all wrong. More furious discussion. Are we heading towards a police state? Is it legal? Will we be giving people a bad name if they come back to us with genuine apologis later? We really have to find a way, fundamentally we are trying to keep the Volunteers and the cafe users SAFE.
Try pepping up the Night Forum. KMs to try sign up Night Managers to BB when giving them Night Manager Letters. Will look at opening a book next year.

Drum Kit – Pockets, what to do with kit? POCKETS to mark of area in front of stage to store drum kit when it's not needed on stage. Snare drum missing. Thinks it was after being left outside The Cave. Haven't had anything missing (apart from cymbals). Get a new snare. Gareth suggests revamp of whole sound area where we can keep snare and other instruments. GRAEME (building) and POCKETS (sound) will get all over it. Pockets noticed people drinking on sound desk, Bryony noticed people sitting on it. No drinking behind desk Pockets. SHANNON says to look on thread about new snare drum – will find thread and restart.

Holiday opening times. - Closed for a couple of days last year. What about this year? Shall we skip events until later? No events until 04th Jan, and from 22nd. Bryony may open on 1st Jan -oooh!

New Events Book – Gareth, Martin and Ryan working on it. It's a revolution – customised and everything. GARETHMARTINRYAN to add option to contact events@forest, sound engineer contact at back. Different one for August, a seperate page. Do up to July. Get bound properly? Maybe.

KM Update – Bryony taking over Shannon's shifts.

Babies – There are many babies in the world. Some are cute and others are not.

Corkage signs – Torstein said about poster on back of shutters to explain corkage at night time. Spray painting words suggested. Make it artistic instead of a poster. MARTIN to speak to the VA posse.

Underagers – There are people who happen to be underage who are doing shit things. No under 18yrs at the weekends? Bryony says NO!!! Further furious discussions. There are people who are being destructive, we can pull them up. There are decent people who are welcome. Maybe say come back during the day or volunteering. Have autonomy to make the right decision should you need to.
Alex wants dry nights if the band is young, thus the crowd may be young. GARETHMARTINRYAN "Stick it in events book – how old are you?"

Building half day – 10am tomorrow. Will make a list in the morning. Shannon is coming in at 9:30 to switch the coffee machine on. YEAH! POCKETS and TIM are going to film the whole thing, and we'll make an amazing music video along to 'Satistaction' by Benny Benizia or someone.

New Years – RYAN to start a thread. 7 colour lazer for £150 to rent? Shannon wants a budget for the whole thing. Okay on if lazer fits within budget. Starting a thread.

Front of House – Loads of stuff needs to be gotten rid of. Money needing to be invested. Getting rid of some sofas tomorrow. Further discussions to be had after tomorrow.

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Post by beev » Thu Dec 06, 2007 6:26 pm

No drinking behind the sound desk??? Wait a minute!! No drinks ON the sound desk, that is ok. But no drinking at all behind the sound desk?? That's the type of shit that does make me think of a police state!

You have to avoid penalising everybody for the idiocy of a few. There are people responsible enough to drink behind a sound desk and keep their drink out of the way of it, like putting it on the windowsill or something. It's not fair to have this stupid rule which would be enforced against those people who don't deserve it.

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Post by graeme » Fri Dec 07, 2007 11:56 am

When I work in the kitchen at night I like seeing the smile on the face of a DJ when you pass them a cold beer.
We will make sure there is somewhere for people to put their drinks when we redo the sound desk area.

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Post by swithun » Fri Dec 07, 2007 12:10 pm

Maybe the CD burner has a drink holder.

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