coffee making training day

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coffee making training day

Post by scoutwinter » Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:32 pm

hello. here at the forest we've been accused of making bad coffee. making a good coffee isn't hard.
some of us care enough to want to help you make coffee better.

in fact, stephen has organised a coffee training session, 2pm monday march 2nd, here in the cafe.

do you want to be trained to make coffee like a pro, know a latte from a flat white, how to stretch your lactating proteins without over-frothing your beans?
A fully trained coffee expert man guy thing will teach you how. Meet at 2pm, the workshop will take about an hour.
Only 6 people will be able to participate, due to the size of the kitchen and whatnot.
If there is interest, another workshop can be organised.
Sign up at the cafe, ask the KM where to find the signup sheet. If you sign up, you'd better SHOW up.

call Stephen on 0131 226 2332 for more information. thanks Stephen!

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