cleaning days are mondays.

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cleaning days are mondays.

Post by scoutwinter » Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:24 pm


mondays are cleaning days. the cafe is not open until 3pm. you can come and help clean (like we're doing today - so satisfying...) and have free teas and coffees for your efforts.

if you are actually coming in because you need something to eat, you should sign up for a shift, or volunteer for the standard number of hours, like everyone else.

if you are coming to clean, you will be assured of good karma. please ask the kitchen manager how you can be of most help. Mondays are for things like: stair cleaning, cafe mopping, blackboard washing, coolroom/drystore cleaning etc. Night managers should still be sweeping/cleaning tables on sunday nights.

if you are not coming to clean, come after 3pm.

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