Artist Facilities WG Nov 6th

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Artist Facilities WG Nov 6th

Post by emi » Thu Nov 06, 2008 7:55 pm

Artist Facilities Meeting
Present: Emi, Nix, James, Simone, Melanie, Scout, Charlotte

Agenda Points
1. cave update
2. balcony update
3. theatre stuff
4. darkroom
5. publishing/2 book fairs
6. screenprinting

1. cave update
cave is clean, new users registered, donated equipment, all looks good
membership cards will be done this month by nix
membership cards to replace the user list, makes the process much easier
easier to track down people who arent paying
also makes it more official
scout: to do list for volunteers

2. balcony update
crap moved out, 6 marked artist studios, nix added partition walls
marmot wants studio space in the balcony; nix to contact him to let him know that he can get it
nerea responsible for the bikes; bike workshop on saturday doen by matthis
nix wants to change the balcony lock or fix the lock cause it;s less expensive

3.december 6th theathe night, 15 min/piece
james and charlotte are working on that

4. darkroom
melanie wants to use the darkroom, introduction session done by daniel
melanie to contact daniel

5. publishing group is doing well,
3 zines this month under forest free press -> profits go to forest
radical book fair: well received, photocopier survived
warrior words project mentioned, supported by forest, profits dont go to forest
proposal: publishing budget will pay for the left over cost at the radical book fair if we can't get a discount
compationate living fair, nect saturday: forest is going, environmental stuff is needed

6. screenprinting
simone says we need budget for screenprinting
we need a screenprinting meeting
emi to contact chris/set up a meeting date
officially speaking

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