Work on hall for festival & additional work on builildin

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Work on hall for festival & additional work on builildin

Post by TheCross » Thu Apr 26, 2007 12:05 pm

If we do the following work on the hall there is a very high chance we can bring the capacity up to 100-120.


1. Doors to church changed to fire doors

2. Door to office (next to hall) from landing changed to fire door

3. Doors to balconies changed to fire doors (Does not NEED to be done, but will help our case) They will need to be done if we want to use the balconies for studios etc.

4. Glass to the left (when standing in hall) of the church doors boarded up. Plasterboard.

5. Emergency maintained (wired with battery backup) lighting:
1 above church doors.
1 somewhere in hall. perhaps around the bar as that is the darkest spot.
1 top of landing before you enter the hall.
1 half way up stairs from ground floor.
1 top of landing before you enter the balconies.
1 half way up the stairs to the balconies.
1 above either set of balcony doors. Again this work is not required, but will help our case.

6. Fire alarm:
Extend warning system into hall.
Addition of smoke detection in the hall.
Additional break point in hall. Above fire extinguishers.


1. Change doors by pigeon holes to fire doors.
2. Change door to office in foyer to fire door.
3. Change door to flavins office to fire door.
4. Board up windows to flavins office. Plasterboard
5. Fix door in office so there is no gap at bottom.
6. Change door to workshop to fire door.
7. Certify fire alarm system.

It might look like a lot of work, but really it should not take more than a week. Especially if we have the fighting force from the US.

Cost wise the most expensive thing will be the fire doors. Roughly £180 each. Maybe I can get a deal through my building pals. Perhaps £3k at a very rough estimate for materials. Not including fire alarm certification.

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