Answers regarding Forest Events Policies (An FAQ)

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Answers regarding Forest Events Policies (An FAQ)

Post by ravanwin » Thu Feb 22, 2007 9:31 pm

Please add to this as you see fit. Perhaps we should put this on the web page?

Regardless: about your concerns.
1) travel expense: we can assist and are keen to help musicians not lose money by touring scotland. depending on need we are able to help with some costs. please contact the events WG using this forum to discuss.

2) it is true that bands are not able to charge (this is the overall charitable aim of the space: to provide a FREE event space and why we will not charge you for usage.) and we also discourage donationas as we feel this is duplicitous way around our objectives. We would love to pay bands but as a cafe with no liquor licensce we very rarely make a lot of cash even on massive nights when the place is packed. HOWEVER, we do charge corkage from everyone who comes into the premisis. On a good night this can earn up to £80 / £60. The Forest is HAPPY and proud to give half of this to any of the musicians who would like it. Which means: the more people drinking the better. Also, we strongly encourage the sale of t-shirts, badges, CDs, records etc. at all the gigs. We are not against people making money.

3) which leads to promotion. Our website and calander of events is updated at the end of the month. However, you can register to post onto the forest website directly, upload posters and hype your own event on the front page. You can post news of your event on our myspace and on There's probably a few other things too.

4) if you email a poster to us it will certainly be put up in our own space. (and possibly around town -- we are reluctant to PROMISE anything as, sometimes people are too busy to flypost and sometimes they are well up for it.) I can say that we'll feature you on all our monthly promotion (if / when we get around to it) and anything you send via post or email can be hung easily.

As you can see, it's kind of complex information and best if things get discussed prior to events. Forest also has two grants which you may be interested in. Please check the posts under "projects" on

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