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Minutes 180107

Post by dan » Thu Jan 18, 2007 6:02 pm

Forest Records meet up – 18 january 2007

Timing – How long can a 7” be? Dan will investigate. He will contact Keith.

Music – John Crave can be on but only as another tune due to the iron fist of Palmer. We listened to ‘From’ from ‘Octopok’, it was good. ‘Yeah’ we said. ‘A good compromise’. ‘Yeah’. So it could end the 7” nicely. Dai doesn’t like it. On second listening we weren’t so sure. Palmer is going to pick the best Crave song ever and present it to us for our listening pleasure. We like Blasted Heath and Adam Kovacs so far…
So line up = Pendulums, UnMe, Crave and DRock

Pendulums have 2 weeks to rerecord song. This offer cordially extended to all groups involved. New deadline for material is 01 Feb 2007.

Prices – We like heavy vinyl. It’s worth it and good. Forest Working Group needs to approve this before we move on it.
Cover and mastering will be more, like £200 more at least. So total will be around £800 for 250 records. That comes out at £3.20 a record. It’s quite a lot. Some of these will be distributed to the right people, but only the right people and only for the right reasons. If you look inside yourself long enough you will discover you know what these are.

Art – ‘Art battle!!!!!’. Four pig versus drillmeros. Who will be the victor? We don’t know. Four pig will draw with her feet. We are excited. The artists are being tempermental bastards. They will provide us with designs by 8 February 2007. But they need information. Even if it’s not true, they still want it, they still need it.
It needs a name. What’ll we call it. Choices are: ‘My Beat is a Forest. ‘Forest’ or ‘nothing’ . Not the word nothing, just nothing. The absence of a name.
Four pig walked out in silent protest. Dirty protest.

Done is done.

Done and done again.

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Post by Jane » Mon Jan 22, 2007 11:39 am

fuyck you! why palmer's decision?

those familiar with the catalogue of crave will submit favourites. then we decide. soon. unless one is already picked. i am behind in the emails.
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Post by beev » Mon Jan 22, 2007 12:58 pm


Aren't you listening? Wasn't the hemulin tune supposed to be a joke??

Has anybody actually listened to the camel tune???


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Post by swithun » Mon Jan 22, 2007 1:40 pm

Plus, picking Crave's best song now isn't fair on the other people who submitted a song or two during the competition. If we didn't pick Crave's submitted song, we should choose something else from the list, rather than change the rules for our friends.

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Post by chris » Mon Jan 22, 2007 1:53 pm

come to the meetings or quit moaning...

everyone submitted several songs. apart from crave, who submitted one, but said he'd be happy if we put any song of his on.
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Post by thehemulen » Mon Jan 22, 2007 3:55 pm

the Hemulen tune is a (musical) joke. but one with an environmentally conscious message. look beyond the electrotrash production and you will find a serious truth in there. "ok this is a comedy song; my least favorite musical genre"...
[drock only submitted one song (partly on request) - specially recorded for this project: tend to side with swithuns argument on that. thought the idea was people should submit ONE track for consideration and i also found it strange when i heard people had submitted whole albums, or old tunes they had just lying around].

and a word re production: just spoke to my product manager about unit cost price for seven inches - the manufacturing outsourcer (handlewithcare) we use once quoted us 0.41 euro cents per unit! ok, thats not including mastering (or cover i think) and its academic anyway cause they wouldnt do such a ltd. pressing as 250 - but i just wanna be sure 4rest isnt getting ripped off (3 quid 20 seems quite steep): might be worth "shopping round" as they say in the Manual.
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Post by dan » Mon Jan 22, 2007 4:04 pm

re crave - we discussed all this in the meeting, yes the hemulen only submitted one track but it was a sterling work. Speedbote, Pendulums, other bands whose names i can't remember now, all submitted more and asked us to select. So we applied that principle to Craves work too. Sorry. Anyway we all listened to Blasted Heath and it's very good. Crave has been contacted and is very happy with the choice and is sending us a top quality version of it for the mixdown.

Camel - it was long gone. long, long gone. and very thankful we all are.

Prices - Drock that sounds like a very fine price but... how many units do you need to get? And does it include labels, postage etc? And can you find out who it's from so we can contact them for info?

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