Old Hat Books front room suggestion/request

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Old Hat Books front room suggestion/request

Post by celia » Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:12 pm

Hi everyone. Sorry we couldn't get anyone to the Front of House meeting. We think it's really important that we attend because we love our space in the front room and would like to make it even more inviting when people enter. Hopefully next time we'll be more successful in turning up!

We had planned to have a discussion about expanding the library space during shifts and somewhat permanently. We've found a beautiful old trunk to display zines in (which will be put away after every shift) and have another trunk for book overspill - more people are collectivising books and we'd like to be able to let them all be displayed. This trunk would not be moved because it's too heavy so it would need to be beneath the leaflet board by the book shelf constantly.

This would mean we might have to move a table into the cafe during shifts and using the side wall where the book shelf cupboard is for the additional trunk and hat stand.

Would this be ok? Does anyone have any problems with this?

Sorry again for our lack of presence in the meeting,

Celia on behalf of OHB

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Re: Old Hat Books front room suggestion/request

Post by cornelia » Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:40 am

Hi celia!
i don't think moving a table and the books back in the cafe would be a problem, maybe the next action day on the 30th we coulkd clean out the books and make room for your trunk, but since me and kata are around more or less every day we can do it earlier aswell. I'll catch one of you guys during the week and we'll talk about it. I saw the trunk and it looks really good!

see you
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Re: Old Hat Books front room suggestion/request

Post by Kata » Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:13 pm

I thinks its no problem, but Linda is arriving with her gridlock figures on this saturday, and these figures are life-sized ceramic, steel, glass etc.., and we already decided that she wants them to sit in the library corner so it wouldnt be good if we didnt have to move so many things around them very often, because they are big, heavy and breakable. But I think you could still do it it just lets see how the gridlock figures settle in there. When do you want to move the library? Which days are you at the forest?

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