Action Woking group meeting 11th Jan

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Action Woking group meeting 11th Jan

Post by nix » Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:43 am

Hello Action crew..

I will not be able to attend the meeting.

Agenda points:

• Don't DIY Alone. - how is the planning going? what can Action group do to help?

• Forest Bike Generator workshop.
can this be held in the 'crafty' ? Roman, can we book the crafty, please for the week fom sun 8th though to the 15th of feb? if there is a lot of interest, then maybe do it in the hall, and tidy the stuff away when the hall is booked?

• Radical Library - how is this going? Proposal: Action group get the white bookshelf that has been the freeshop, put in in Action room .. et voila!

have a great meeting!

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Re: Action Woking group meeting 11th Jan

Post by Ida » Mon Jan 12, 2009 2:19 am

sorry i was not able to come either. I put a note on the door with my number if someone turns up but appearently this didn't happen. should we do it next sunday?

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