Cafe and Events 7/01

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Cafe and Events 7/01

Post by emi » Wed Jan 07, 2009 9:28 pm

present: charlotte, alex, mike, ida, marian, lindsey, emi (plus Nerea and Olivier at the end).
no apologies

action points

2.sound stuff menu
4.karaoke night
5.sofas and flowers up after events
7.French short movie fest

previous action points:
- new volunteer book on the way.....emi s working on it. mike might help
- preventing awful events APs: done
- sound tech – Mike is still working on the idiots guide to sound, Alex says to use Forest camera if his broken one is holding him back.
- menu: more work to do on that, see below.
- free shop: didnt move; something has to be done about this. Alex did put up new minutes, but not Friends of Forest yet.
- jotter in the kitchen for Nms: Torstein AP but he's not here to ask.

1.mike: pricing is not consistent, contradictory..which is the price of sushi?
alex: different kitchen managers at the moment so consistency is difficult: prices may slightly vary sometimes due to ingredients: By law, if two prices are displayed you have to give people the cheapest price, but this rarely happens: Sometimes Alex just likes to make the price up.
2.mike: sound day timorrow 8/1
should we have lockable cupboard for the sound area?
AP Alex: figure out stuff with nix or pocket
AP mike to deal with it last meeting: 7.30 pm ,Friday. It will be the end, and thus the beginning.
4. it's nerea's project; she wants to put a poster: people can put their name down and write the song they want to sing
5.alex will get nice candle bottles
mike will clean the candle area
flowers: no more. pot plants instead; AP: emi and charlotte will get some
6.mike: cafe is pretty messy after events; nm should remind performers to put things back where they are. Others: but it;s late, nm have to do a lot of stuff ANYWAY...what to do? ideally we would nead a tranquility team or a separate person who is in charge of the extra stuff Lindsey: should we have deputy Nms? others: would be a good idea, maybe a different name. We need to make a list of people willing to hang about. Nyrea: Maybe EVS people could do one night Nming and next week one night 'Events Managing' Alex:needs to be sustainable after this large group of EVS are gone, next group is significantly smaller.
AP: alex to print off another night check list.
mike will grab people and train them for sound
7.a few people will come from France..we need matresses and host them at the end of february for a few days. AP: Charlotte will post up on the BB when she gets numbers of people coming to visit.
officially speaking

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