Help Save The Old Town!!

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Help Save The Old Town!!

Post by dan » Thu May 29, 2008 10:46 am

Dear SOOT supporter

We have the shop premises at 8 St Marys Street until the end of the month at least. One problem is having people to open the shop from around midday until 4, 5 or 6 ish......each day, yes its difficult as most people work and have other committments, but iperhaps you work part time, or are a student with some free time, or retired? Between jobs? All expenses and lunch are provided.
People do want to use the shop, and so many people are saying it would be good to have as a resource, but like everything needs people to make it happen. So much could go on, somewhere for groups of folk in the community to meet, from older folk meeting up once a week to book clubs, to film clubs, common good recovery groups, craft clubs, local grass root campaigners name it...

It is best to have two people in each shift.

Please can you get in touch with me here or on 07778556210 or ring Julie on 07766987328 if you can help, even if its from say 3 - 5 one day a week.

I would be there in the shop as one person each day until at least 2.45 but alas we don`t have a laptop with wifi...couldn`t buy capital equipment with funding from Government. So I am around the corner working away on the net and pc...

While big business works effortlessly we struggle all the time to make our neighbourhoods better for now and for our childrens future....even in little ways its hard

Sally for programme etc
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