Hall Booking System

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Hall Booking System

Postby ravanwin » Thu Sep 06, 2007 7:53 pm


this is sort of how it is working at the moment.

bookings are going through me via the eus site etc.

i am not confirming ANYTHING till I get the money.

The money will come in via envelopes between 10am and 7pm in the cafe.

KMS please put these in the upstairs Safe and DO NOT remove.

When I see the money I will note it in the halls bookings book and online. I will also mark PD next to the booking. This book is in the kitchen in the grey drawers. When someone comes and says, I booked the hall, check the book.

If the booking is marked PD. give them the key (next to the book)

Now, for the deposit:

I will take all monies out of the envelope for the hire off the hall and leave only the deposit money.

I will place a tick next to a booking's name if the hall has been looked after properly and locked up etc.

When someone comes to collect their deposit, check the bookings book again. If there is a tick, find their envelope and give them back their deposit.

That is all.

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