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Post by Hannah » Thu Jan 28, 2010 4:37 pm

Hej Volunteers

Yes! We finally have a proper recycling bin!
This has also been posted in the people's forum already, but I want to make sure that you really read about it and then do it. So, this is what you should know about recycling:

- COMPOST: we have a compost bin in the kitchen now. Take it to the bin in the garden at night and clean it.

Everything else goes to the bins round the corner on Brighton Street:
- GLASS (and nothing but glass) goes into the VIRIDOR container
- MIXED RECYCLING (that's almost everything but glass - Tetra Paks, Cans, Paper, Cardboard, Plastic Bottles...) go into the smaller all grey “ALLIED WASTE” Container (NOT the big one with blue lid)
- LANDFILL/GENERAL RUBBISH (black bags) goes In the WHITE TRADE WASTE Container

Please don't forget to take the keys with you when you go out to do the recycling and remember to lock them again. And another note, especially for Night Managers: Don't drop any rubbish in front of the Shop anymore. Take the black bin bags out at night and leave the recycling bins either in the cafe (take the mixed recycling out if you have the time, the glass is probably too loud at night) or fit it into the cupboards behind the church doors.

This might seem much now, but it's really easy. And worth it. Happy Recycling! :)

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