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content change suggestion 2

Postby chris » Wed Dec 27, 2006 12:13 am


this one is to replace 'about us/volunteering' with 'about us/how forest runs'. this is to explain all the working groups stuff...check it and please comment, i thought it would be best to keep it quite short clear and simple...

How forest organises:

Forest operates according to a working group system. There are different working groups for all aspects of Forest:

Business & Admin
The Cave
Darkroom & Photography
Drama & Performance
Environment & Garden
Equipment, Technology & Broken Things
Events, Stage & Sound
Front of House
Kitchen/Health & Safety
Projects & Grants
Publishing & Library
Visual art

Each working group has regular open meetings (calendar link)

A working group is a team of people who share certain responsibilities in order to try to achieve the mission of that particular group.

Working group meetings are advertised, and open to everyone who'd like to be more involved, and take on some level of responsibility in this aspect of running forest.

Working groups have monthly budgets and are autonomous – they are able to take decisions that affect them directly, things that impact other working groups or forest as a whole are referred to the 'forest working group'.

The forest working group decides all the stuff that falls outside of regular working group meetings: extra budget requests, conflicts between working group interests, and so on. These meetings can only be attended by teamsters.

People who’ve been actively involved in a working group for three or more months can become teamsters for that group (subject to the approval of forest working group). Teamsters have some additional responsibilities and every working group has at least one teamster.

meetings try to operate with consensus decision making.

Bulletin Board – check this for working group minutes and discussions
Calander – check this to find working group meeting times
theforestspeaks – join here to receive volunteer info, call outs and events listings
events – join this to just receive events reminders
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