website content change suggestion 1

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website content change suggestion 1

Postby chris » Tue Dec 26, 2006 10:53 pm


so a lot of website content is a bit out of date. i think we should replace the 'about us/who we are' page with 'about us/what is forest', i wrote/adapted some stuff, please comment:

what is forest?

Forest is a self funding, not-for-profit, free access arts space, available to all people, for events, art, discussion and culture activities of all kinds. It is funded by its vegetarian cafe.

It is a space where anyone can put on events, show work, or be involved in other types of projects.

Forest is not commercially motivated. This allows us to experiment with projects which may not be possible for normal commercial organizations.

All events in forest are free to attend, and its always free to perform.

Forest offers monthly and quarterly grants to people to help pursue personel or collaborative projects (link).

Forest provides: events, gallery space, wi-fi, zoetropes, equipment (decks, pa, projectors), free shop, vegetarian cafe, grants programs, cultural exchanges, recycling, workshops/skillshares, rehearsal/recording space, darkroom, people, etc.

As well as keep on running, we've done loads of different projects over the years, from building stuff (often kitchens), youth work, street parties to collaborative music stuff.

Forest runs according to a working group structure -- this is quite a flat participatory system, which makes it easy to get involved in things. (find out more here link)

Bulletin Board - check this for working group minutes and discussions
Calander - check this to find working group meeting times
theforestspeaks - join to receive all volunteer info, call outs and events listings
events - join this to just receive events reminders
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