Saved by the ball?

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Saved by the ball?

Postby swithun » Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:31 am

This came in by email. Can we put up a cork board somewhere behind the till?

I popped into the cafe last week but they said it was best to email. I have some necklaces, bracelets and cards made in Malawi by a charity
that supports children to learn tennis and table tennis, called Saved by the Ball. I was hoping I could perhaps display the jewellery and
cards for sale in the cafe? I have a small cork board that it could all be pinned to, along with some photos of the kids who benefit, and it
wouldn't take up much room. The prices would be about £1 to £5 per piece and there could be an honesty box there to collect any money from
sales, or if the money could be taken at the till that would be even better. I've attached some info about the charity. All of the money from
the sales would go to it and you would get a certificate to display in the cafe afterwards. It seems a good time to sell just before
Christmas but I'm struggling to know how to sell things just on the street. I'm a student doing a PhD in African Studies at the
University of Edinburgh. Perhaps I could come and meet with you to show you the jewellery etc and discuss further?

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