forest blurb for back of book

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forest blurb for back of book

Post by ravanwin » Sun Jul 01, 2007 9:59 pm


I did this up for the back of the Golden Hour book. Is it good / bad? indifferent?

make changes soon and i will ensure we have the best face for the world.

What is The Forest

The Forest is a volunteer run, collectively owned arts and events charity based in the heart of Edinburgh. The Forest is home to a free gig space, numerous free workshops, the monthly Golden Hour and a vegetarian café (which, incidentally, funds all of these things). This book is one example of what The Forest spends money on. The Forest also gives out monthly and quarterly grants to exciting artist and community projects. The Forest is a not-for-profit arts venue which simply exists to provide a free, open and dynamic space where people can participate in workshops, eat healthy food, hang out, put on events, display art, make books or magazines and meet like-minded individuals. Forest is principally managed by a collective of volunteers which anyone can join. For more information on any of these activities or to help further the the aims of Forest Publications, please see the website:

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