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Music Petition for Govt

Post by dan » Wed Mar 07, 2007 1:16 pm

Hey got this via Forest Records messaging:

There is a government move to make it very difficult for musicians to
perform live in small venues, or for schools, pubs and charities to
raise money for causes through musical events.

The new legislation will inhibit the central role music making has in
our lives and communities. If you circulate this to your musician (and
non-musician) friends, all each person has to do is go to the
government's petitions website below and give their name, email and address - it
takes about 30 seconds. And it could make a vital difference to the
nurturing of community music making, and enable young musicians to find
their feet in the performing world.

The live music/licensing e-petition now has nearly 40,000 signatures.
This is good, especially in just under a month - and there are five more
months in which people can sign. But the petition needs to do much
better to make an impression on ministers, and to encourage DCMS to
implement music-friendly amendments. Go to
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