Promoting Forest Artists

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Promoting Forest Artists

Post by danny » Tue Feb 13, 2007 11:48 pm

I think it we should have more active promotion of Forest Artists. We could have a little stand of c.d.'s at the counter where people could buy c.d.'s of people who have played here recently and a list or "menu" of other c.d.'s available. There seems to be so much talent in Edinburgh which could really use a helping hand like this. A lot of the time artists are too self-conscious to try and sell their own c.d.'s without the backing of a label. Kitchen could take a cut of sales for retailing.
Even if we could just do this on the nights where there are big gigs going on, it would be a great help for local artists. I have booked the first Saturday of the month from April - June with this in mind. I'd like to make these nights high profile and put the word out to the media ( the skinnny, the list, the metro, etc. ). My friend Kim has who works in PR and marketing said she would help me do press releases. It can't be too hard to suss out. My friend Jay said he used to promote punk bands, so he's up for helping with posters and promotion. I'd like to run these nights till the early hours, so we would need volunteers prepared to work late to make it happen.
If it's a success, then it would be cool if we could keep the first Saturday of the month free for this sort of thing.

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Post by chombee » Wed Feb 14, 2007 10:44 am

This is what the new listening-post project is for also. As well as the listening post itself there should be information posters and CDs on display. Website could help with this also.
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