Tranquility at the Forest

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Tranquility at the Forest

Post by natt » Fri Jun 26, 2009 4:23 pm

Hello, this comes out of discussions of over a year now about introducing a Tranquility team or, more appropriately 'ethos' at the Forest.

Tranquility, in my book, means thinking about and addressing how we communicate and relate to each other at the Forest and the kind of space we want to create from the forest-ie hopefully an open, creative, free space where people feel safe, valued and able to take part (not to put words in all y'all mouths). Though this was originally come up with us a mechanism for dealing with outside conflicts such as violent drunks etc. its now (in my book, again) more about internal dynamics, ie. how to make the forest a safe space for all of us so that all foresters feel included and empowered to help maintain it against external threats.

Here's my proposal about how to move this forward
-I want to set dates for three more conflict engagement workshops (the last one was very useful)-starting with people very involved in the forest, ie. staff, the core team who are involved in a lot of Forests activities, then gradually asking/making it mandatory that Nms and vollies sign up for one. I want to start with Forest types because having feedback is well important so hopefully by the time we start doing workshops for the general Forest community they'll be a product of everyone's involvement and input. The feedback we got from the last workshop was SOOO useful.
-Put posters up like the ones Sean put up before-'The forest is developing a tranquility team' with an email address of tranquilityforest@riseup or something for people to email their input and if they're interested. Eventually this could become an address people email in their concerns or things that are causing them problems at the Forest, so the Tranquility team can help them address/resolve them
-I'd like the posters to have a few lines explaining what we're aiming for too. ie 'What is Tranquility' 'Why Conflict Resolution at the forest'

Please respond! Or ask for more clarification! Or to get involved!
loads of love
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Re: Tranquility at the Forest

Post by ravanwin » Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:22 pm

also - should note we are planning a big "safer space" meeting for September. Hopefully, both these will solve some ongoing issues.


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