a new writing group at forest

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a new writing group at forest

Post by ravanwin » Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:26 pm

Here is a proposal from Indana. I'm into it though I can't really make head-or-tail of his writing here. Anyway - have a look and somebody from the Action Group can arrange for this to happen, yes?

Hey all, thought i'd provide you with a simple summary of the working group that i thought i'd give the working title 'Perspective = Introspection' (sorry if it's jumping the gun Gudrun but i'm sure we'll no doubt talk about the organisation and content later, this is just a preliminary guideline based on what we talked about earlier) for everyone else (Ryan) I thought i'd provide you with a proposal for a writing group as discussed and then take it from there, if it's not a good idea or the forest can't accomodate a writing group at present then don't worry about it. Anyway, hope alls well and i'll chat later.

Working title: Perception - Introspection

1) What are the aims or objectives to be completed over the first 6 months of the groups operational activity

Developing the latent talents and critical perspectives of each participants writing ability through the use of either contemporary or archaic images outside the boundaries of ordinary thought. Examples of each workshop might involve a conscious look or study based around particular issues that currently affect or have had a marked effect on modern day society and the ways in which we as people, citizens and human beings look at and continuously analyse or judge the issues based around our own personal experience and morals.
Predicted themes I wish to cover will include for instance;
Society and pre-industrialisation;
Globalisation; capitalism and the archaic alternative to the discontents of a social ill(?)
Humanity and detention; War and it’s progenitors
Stigmatism with regards to H.I.V/Aids, Cancer and other incurable or life threatening diseases and the ways in which we as individuals either aim to accept, tolerate or negatively view people suffering from them.
Religion and the quest for enlightenment
Social Enterprise and the role of both N.G.O and charitable trusts within the third world
Devolution; Development and aid along with the parliamentary structures and organisations or people who created and work with or for them
Women and feminism
Race, Ethnicity and reality (modern perspectives of life in Britain)
Class based elitism and the role of the monarchy in transforming and leading a nation (from historical example through to current social trends as a means to evaluating individual status and the ways in which we choose to act within the remits of both our own psychological imperative and the social institutions that are unilaterally bound within and in control of our segregated demographic classifications)
Please note that these are simply a guideline and the final themes and outlines or ideological beliefs or expressed themes will be dependent on the groups discussions and writings or democratic choice as to the nature of what kind of topics we will cover. As a result it won’t necessarily be composed of simply political topics within contemporary culture but will span various forms of style based writing composed of varying types of lead instruments covering a variety of types of literary genre’s.

2) What is the maximum capacity proposed

Preliminary aim would be approximately 10-15 people with a view to growth of the group, but realistic estimates are likely to be slightly less. As such each individual will have a delegated form of responsibility in not only office bearing and writing but equally in leading and steering the group whilst shaping the views and core beliefs of the group with a view to performing the writing at some point once the group is a little more established.

3) Activities to be undertaken over a continuous period and planned landmarks to be achieved over time.

Focus groups with a view to bringing the debate to the stage (weekly or monthly discussions and debates aimed at either entertaining or provoking reaction and participation from both the audience and other group members. This will be used as a means to creating not only interest in the writing groups but as subject matter to be contemplated and discussed at later meetings.
Music/ Photography/ Art exhibitions which will either be used as a form of interpretation of discussions or as a means to an end (artistic representation of whatever is debated about or written)
Filming of the actual process along with photographic exhibitions of performances (as yet still in the foundational stage.
Readings to either children, Older residents within nursing homes or hospital. (Expansion of target market as opposed to solely being based in and around the forest means that not only will the forest be represented outside of the actual café but equally, for those interested in participating, the group can attempt to enrich the lives of others with a view to branching out into other forms of therapy for Mental patients within the Royal Edinburgh for example or the Sick Kids)
Magazine or E-zine (provided we can confidently set up a timeline for a plan along with a genuine budget and gather a group of people prepared to take the project onboard)

4) What kind of materials will we aim to look at, analyse and (or) reviewed on a regular basis

Suggestions for particular contemporary songs and lyrics, screenplays, scripts, poetry, short stories and so forth will be accepted from the group or will be selected with a view to analysing and critically breaking down the materials for examples of style, content, format and layout as well as hidden depth, symbolism, characterisation etc. in line with topical pre-chosen guidelines.

5) How often will the group meet

Once a week for discussion on previously discussed topics
Every second week idea generation and research into concepts could potentially be carried out
Once a month there could be a performance (?) or simply a debate about concepts discussed

6) How will people be motivated to write

Encouragement will be the main tool as it will not be a pre-requisite for everyone to perform or write anything at all; as long as people are prepared to get involved in one way or another.

7) Office bearers(?) not likely to be necessary
Memorandums and minutes of every meeting will be carried out with each meeting following a generally predefined structure as yet to be drawn up.
H.R. (group participants will have to be contacted - either by email or by phone so data protection law would have to be complied to unless groups aren’t allowed to have personal data controllers)
Finance or budget (simply for supplies such as notepads, pen’s etc; transportation or venue rental for outside performances; marketing and organisation of prospective participants)
Group leader(s); M.C’s and outside speakers
Artistic Development and Theme or Idea Generation (will it be centralised organisation or developed more through discussion with the group)
Contingency planning - for any unforeseen events etc.

8) Planned results or ‘fruits’ of any positive output

Potential for making a collection of the best of ‘Perception - Introspection’
Exhibitions and presentations
Dvd or edited photography and film exhibition’s based around the groups aims and trains of thought

9) Where will it meet?

Not too sure yet, but hopefully it will start off in the forest…

10) From the initial point of conception through to execution of operational activities; how do we:
A) intend to keep people informed and allow the group to grow
Word of mouth association; actual target marketing in various venues; flyers made up (if we get a budget through organised and expected growth); Email; pro-forma letters and various other tools such as powerpoint slides if we can get a useable projector…
B) intend to create a plan in order for the group not to be too informal or autocratic
Simply by showing leadership and focusing on working towards and end product that might actually highlight not only the achievements of the group but the hard work shown by the volunteers who will run it..
C) intend to monitor and direct the course of group moral without forcing people to see what you want them to see or showing a particular agenda
Again simply by showing a little leadership and focusing on working towards attainable goals that each individual in the group is happy with (it’s about writing and not creating a negative environment; writing and creating idea’s is supposed to be fun)

11) What do you intend to learn or gain in the form of experience from this group
We all individually and as a combined unit learn from each other and earn more than simply acceptance from our peers as a result of organised and premeditated output. The aim is to develop our own individual projects through simple tasks and to figure out how to research, propose and write as though we each aim to write professionally, regardless of whether that is or is not the case. As everybody will be given a voice, the group will have different themes devised and created by each individual and the more we invest in the group, the better it will become.

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Re: a new writing group at forest

Post by ravanwin » Thu Aug 28, 2008 12:40 am

either way - we should get him to write our menus when we re-vamp, don't you think?

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Re: a new writing group at forest

Post by Jimmy Bastard » Thu Aug 28, 2008 5:52 pm

I suggest this should be the group's first collective project.
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