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Guide p2

Post by Julie » Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:35 pm

(Download the attached file to see the pictures)


The mixer is used to mix different sounds together. For instance: It is used mostly to mix three microphones in to two speakers in the café. To understand it, you must know the basic layout of it. Our mixer has 12 channels, which means that we can mix 12 sounds (guitars, keyboards, mics etc…) together in to our two speakers.
Since there are 12 different channels, there are also 12 sets of settings. This is why there are so many buttons and looks a little confusing but when you learn the buttons of one channel, you know almost the whole mixer. This is how it works:

Inputs – There are two different inputs, Jack and XLR. The XLR is where you usually connect a mic. Don’t bother the insert jack for now, if there is a cable in it, don’t unplug it!

Phantom power: Makes the XLR/jack powered with 48V (Use for condenser(special) microphones).

Gain trim – Very important. This is where you trim the sound so that they all have the same level. You use it by pressing the PFL button (see below) and adjust it until the green lights go to about 0 level. Gain controls the input level of sound.
Don’t mind the low cut button for now, just keep it pressed. (It removes unnecessary bass)

Equalizer – Raises or lowers the volume on specific frequencies. For instance, you can raise the treble or bass of a sound. There are High Frequencies (HF), High Midt (HM); the green pot controls what frequency you want to affect, Low Midt (LM) and Low Frequencies (LM)

FB1 and FB2 - These are the monitor levels (speakers on the stage - used so the musician can hear him- or herself). We only have one - so only one of these pots works.
Read more in the “Effects” section of the mixing booklet.

Auxiliary – This is used to tap sound out of the mixer I.E. for effects or monitors or if you connect a pc. FX - The yellow pot is the reverb/echo, which most bands want to have on their vocal microphones.

Pan - Chose whether to have the sound in Left or Right speaker (or both)

Mute - mutes this channel

PFL - press this button when you want to see the level of the sound you are working with. It will be displayed in the big level meter, furthest to the right.

Fader – This is where you choose how much of the sound you want, the volume of this channel.
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