Get ready for August ?!

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Get ready for August ?!

Post by élodie » Tue Jul 21, 2009 11:29 pm

Hi everybody !

I have some informations to tell you about August. Please, take time to read it !

1. Sound team

I realized a table which is included a rota for the events will play at The Forest in august. Including the Hall and the Café, day per day, hour per hour, show per show... Sometimes, people will need sound engineer. I start to send various emails to ask the technical requirment to the band. I really want to prepare as well as possible the shows !

Could you send me an email to reply my questions. As soon as possible will be so great....

Name :
Phone number :
Email :

Your availablity
Days :
Hours :

Like this, I could create a new rota espacially for august... don't forget... Forest will be busy and to do this, we need you guys !

2. Mackie450s

Nix told me that this speakers have to be repaired. I know where is the place to repair them (I am in progressing to find an other chipest), but I don't know which Mackie450s needs to be repaired !! Help !!!

We will use them in the Hall with Wendy.

3. Anique Backline

GuitarCab and BassCab need heads...
Firstly, I have to contact Grant. Do you know him ? Grant, can we meet us at The Forest... very quickly ?
Secondly, if we don't find an other solution, we have to Buy/Borrow/Find a Bass head ! In this field, I am novice... Who can ?

Baby Grand Piano

Before the begining of august, Baby Grand Piano has to be in his place. That means on the right stage, near the window.

Piano in the Café

It could not stay on the stage for the festival... an idea... put it in other place in the café, Freerecycle......


I think it will be good to meet us as soon as possible to speak about this, and organize the work to do.

Someone, an idea concerning a good day and time for this meeting ?!

New people in the sound team

If you are interesting don't hesitate to come at this meeting !

Thank for your answers ! :D :D :D


I would like to know who will be present during august making sound in the Hall and in the Café.and when will you available

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Re: Get ready for August ?!

Post by chris » Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:08 am

hey! killa soundz krewz!

ok! so point 3... yes the mackies need to be repaired, and its three of them, with broken top ends.. (you can test this by making a "tch tch tch" sound into a microphone, it should be quite obvious..) you dont need to find a cheaper place, red dog is likely to be the cheapest and fastest, and right now we need fast... :)

good lukc good luck xxxxxxxxxxx
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Re: Get ready for August ?!

Post by pockets » Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:18 am

give me a call on wednesday And I will give you grant's number.


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Re: Get ready for August ?!

Post by ChaoticReality » Wed Jul 22, 2009 3:35 am

I will check all the Mackies tomorrow and put a broken sign on all the ones that need fixed.

As for August, I'm not sure of my availability yet but will let you know as soon as I can.

Please don't Freecycle the piano. If we really want to get rid of it, Lynne has a friend who will pay for it.

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Re: Get ready for August ?!

Post by marmot » Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:04 am

About point baby piano in the hall.
I have the number of the Piano Tuner, James Brown, that's hes real name and is really cheap as whel. He did the two pianos 5 month ago.
I told him about tunning the baby piano and he said that for tunning a piano you need to leave it in the place you want it for a month so if you move it, downstairs upstairs, it needs to be tune.
something to think about.
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