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Postby spark » Sat Nov 01, 2008 12:23 pm

THE MIC AND THE PRE AMP. These are the first two things we need to consider. The pre amp in particular I am pointing at in this post.
The pre amps (trim) on most multi trackers are not very good. Some more recent ones are better, or, older models up graded.
It is better to use an external pre amp of some kind, there are little cheap ones on the market which will be far better than your built in obnes on your multi tracker. A mixer is OK for instance, probably any mixer. The mic goes into to the mic input, you then take a feed/ line out from the "insert" (or other name) and send it to the input of your multi tracker. Keep the pre/TRIM of the input on the multi tracker down.
So, we are going in to the mixer, and coming out again imediately before it goes through the mixing area (faders/ master etc). We can go through there and bring a stereo mix out of the usual output from the mixer if desired, but it may not be quite as clean, depending on the mixing desk.
The AKG c1000 is a condenser mic and a good all rounder though there are many cheap big vocal condensers which do a job.
Perhaps we could get some links going in this thread to informative sites elsewhere as well as individuals giving up some of their recording wisdom.

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