Cave Refurbishment. Party next weekend?

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Cave Refurbishment. Party next weekend?

Post by danny » Fri Sep 21, 2007 3:26 am

I think it would be nice to make the Cave feel nice and homely, so that it's an inspiring place to play in. After clearing out the rest of the bollox, drums and so on, I think mellow lighting is what we want, soft furnishings, colourful carpets, pillows and wallhangings etc. Everyone I spoke to today seemed up for it. I'm thinking Earthy colours, Autumny reds, golds etc.
The music room may be mooved to the much smaller Live Sciences practice room ( next to the loos ) at some point, so best not to get to attached to the Cave Creations, although I guess we can moove them through.
Really what would be cool, would be if we could show some of Cave's real potential as a place for happenings as well as practices and maybe that would convince people to hold onto it.

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Post by nix » Fri Sep 21, 2007 1:06 pm and now, pal.. here and now...

Let us make the best from what we have, we have this room now... it will get nicer every day!

some twat will probably fuck it up again, but we will love him all the same and make it nice again...!


I'm working on the mood lighting now.

Drapes and hangings are what its all about. I've got one or two.

Autumn Shades it a very appropriate theme.


peace out - let the music flow -

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