The Psychedelic Fish Disco - August 29th

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The Psychedelic Fish Disco - August 29th

Post by danny » Thu Jul 03, 2008 11:03 pm

August 29th is the Psychedelic Fish Disco upstairs in the hall. There will be music, dance and cabaret performances. We want artists to come together and help create backdrops. We will be gathering in the Crafty Room, Monday at 6 on the 21st of July to create, prepare and plan.

IT's an amazing chance to work together towards a multi-media-Amazing-thing, an incredible coming together of various different art forms.

Upstairs will be the Dance/Cabaret Area.

We need people to help make mobiles to hang from the roof and generally help transform the place into a magical fish disco area, cool stuff happening with projections, lights, smoke, bubbles ..

There will be dressing up. Some people will be in character. We need more people who want to design costumes. This will help inspire the characters for the performances. There's no funding for this at the moment, so keep an eye on the free shop for things with potential, it's full of wee gems. I put aside a "Hydra Strike" game I found there earlier today, which is kind of like that "air hockey" game you see in amusement arcades except it sprays water at you when you lose a goal.

A new "therapeutic art" group is startin up in the Crafty Room soon, where we'll have regular gatherings to get Crafty stuff happening. There will be posters in the Cafe within a fortnight once dates are confirmed. We're aiming for Sundays from 7-9 starting a week this Sunday.

We want ( I'm not sure what they are called ), but those things that they have at sea-side fun fairs where you have cardboard cut-outs of cartoon style characters with holes for heads to put in.

I think it would be incredible if we could plan to re-design downstairs in a psychedelic-fish stylee, so the whole area looks like a coherent work of art. I like the idea of re-inventing the cave as "The Mellow Submarine" and transforming it into a chill out zone with massage and other chilled things.
If we could use the crafty room to for Storytelling performances and other craftiness too that would be awesome.

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