Help/Interviewees for short Freeganism documentary/programme

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Help/Interviewees for short Freeganism documentary/programme

Postby josiahwhitworth » Tue Apr 08, 2014 1:24 am

Hello, I am making a small documentary that merges the idea of food waste reduction/freeganism with the format of 'Come Dine With Me'. The idea is to get 4/5 people from varying areas of the subject, and have a dinner party made with all scavenged or reclaimed, freee food.

The meal will happen on this Wednesday night (the 9th April) and I am going to go scavenging for some food for it tomorrow night! I am very new to freeganism in terms of actually doing it, but have been wanting to for a long time, so any advice is very welcome!

If you know any one that is involved in freeganism or anything in that semantic field, that are free on Tuesday or Wednesday night to help out and eat a big 'ol delicious meal, please get in contact!

Thanks, Josiah Whitworth.

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