IMPORTANT NEWS: Building Sale Update

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IMPORTANT NEWS: Building Sale Update

Post by HGiles » Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:20 pm

Dear Forest volunteers, friends and community,

Late last week we were informed by the estate agents of 3 Bristo Place that a buyer for the building has been found and that a sale is being finalised over the next few weeks. We thought you should hear this important news, and also an important message about it: DON'T PANIC. This is not an end for the campaign, nor an end for Forest; in fact, far from it. There is still a great deal we can do.

We do not at this stage know who the buyers are, what their intentions towards us are, exactly how much they plan to pay for the building, what they want to do to the building, or what exact timescale we're looking at. We found out this news by phoning them and asking for an update, and they would not give us much information. We haven't heard from any buyers directly, but will continue to try and find out more.

The sale has not been finalised. We believe that if we make it clear what huge and active support there is for Forest to stay in its home, if we make it clear that it will not necessarily be easy to move us out of our home, then we can make a sale less likely. No developer wants to face an active and passionate campaign against their plans. We've done a big press release saying as much and will be working hard on the publicity. There are three things you can do to show your strength, the strength of our community, and to support the campaign:

1. SIGN THE PETITION at declaring your support for the campaign and for Forest to stay in its home. This will show just how many of us there are. You can also tweet or Facebook about that petiton from that site, if you use social networks, and you can "Like" our Facebook page at ... 278?ref=ts

2. JOIN THE CAMPAIGN TEAM by offering your time, energy and skills. We want to hear every offer, from doing admin to running events, from smooching celebs to chugging on the street. E-mail to offer, and see for more information.

3. COMMIT TO A MONTHLY DONATION. The more money we have, and the more secure our income, the stronger a position we are in. You can be giving as little as £3 a month (that's a pint!) and be making a huge and significant contribution to Forest: it's a much better way than just throwing money into a bucket. You can get forms from the café and online at

Look, we already have a strong campaign and amazing levels of support! We know we can win this one. This latest news serves only to focus our campaign, and to remind us exactly how important it is that we keep doing our work.

See you soon.


The Forest Fundraising Team

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Re: IMPORTANT NEWS: Building Sale Update

Post by HGiles » Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:34 pm

500 signatures in less than a day. Awesome. I know online petitions are limited, but this is a genuine show of strength to potential buyers. Promote everywhere!

(One of the reasons we've done so well is that we've got a bunch of well-networked friends who've been tweeting and facebooking and suchlike about this all day. It really does work - so go hassle your folk :-) )

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Re: IMPORTANT NEWS: Building Sale Update

Post by chombee » Wed Feb 23, 2011 3:04 pm

Wow. I just added the link to the petition to the website front page. Should maybe go somewhere on the Info & Donations page too.
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Re: IMPORTANT NEWS: Building Sale Update

Post by martinmckenna » Thu Feb 24, 2011 2:42 pm

800 now push push

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