feminist film project in edinburgh march/april

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feminist film project in edinburgh march/april

Post by scoutwinter » Thu Feb 17, 2011 8:51 am

My name is Jesse Jones,
I am an artist from Dublin working mostly in film. I will be coming to Edinburgh in early march and would like to meet with women who are interested in film and feminism.
My work is concerned with political agency and protest and how this can be articulated. I have worked on collaborative projects such as 12 angry film, a project working with activists and communities exploring the relationship between social justice and cinema. the resulting work were six collaborative films shown in a Drive in cinema in Dublin in 2006. Another work is an ongoing project called the whisper choir which is a choir of non professional singers who whisper texts in various locations, for example Bertolt Brecht's Opera, 'The Rise and fall of the City of mahoganny" performed in the Desert in Central Australia.

I am hoping to make a new film work in Edinburgh over the month of march and April. For this new work I am hoping to make a film work in the ash lagoon in Musselbourgh the site is very interesting in relation to the residues of industrial activity and what kind of landscape capitalism places us within. Here is an image of the site for the film shoot http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:AshLagoonPS.jpg

I am interested in setting up a series of feminist film screenings as part of the research for the work in the film guild cinema. The film program will draw a particular relationship between feminist cinema and manifestations of protest as ritual, I am hoping to screen, Lizzie Bordan's "Born in Flames" Pat Murphy's incredible film "Maeve" as well as films by Chantel Akerman and Maya Deren.

These film screenings will be followed by a discussion around the issues raised in the films around gender and Capitalism and women and protest movements. These discussions will form a working collaborative group for the production of the new film work to be made in the Musselborugh Lagoon. I would be delighted to meet with your group to discuss a potential collaboration, particularly with women who have a strong interest in feminism and cinema
please feel free to contact me with any questions
looking forward to hearing from you
regards Jesse Jones

if you want to get involved with this, contact me and I can pass your details on
x scoutt

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Re: feminist film project in edinburgh march/april

Post by mirka » Fri Feb 18, 2011 1:51 am

i'd like to participate :) my email is mirasyvolap@gmail.com and phone 07901209480
thanks :)

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