INTRODUCTIONS, or ''hear's what I believe INN''

Forest is people. People is you. You is us.
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INTRODUCTIONS, or ''hear's what I believe INN''

Post by mrk » Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:22 pm

A little early morning pep talk from the self declared poet Laurel-8 of Forrest
FUCK you if you think its your job
(or because I'm depressingly polite sometimes, message me and we'll talk job-share,
probably need a female counterpoint at least
my only regrets is the accidental truth that slips out my throat when I'm not paying attention.
or// ''Hear what I believe''
a rant.

I have a bunch of ANARCHIST actions
in the bOLDEST sense of the word
to benefit the Forest
anyone interested in growing some balls?
because, personally, I've been dragged through the mud by enough circumstance
and I ain't gonna take it anymore
not violent
quiet silent,
anarchy begats
if you do it
Here's what I believe:
knew screed
kill the middle-klas white boy dreams of disillusion
we got nothing
from the revolution that didn't happen
history repeats itself
lets make sure we choose the right version
this time
I need a role
so I'm rolling forward by rolling backward

Edinburgh settlement lasted 100 years?
I think it blasted thru from future fears
there's a war going on
for forever

I see DI-A-SPORA all over
cept *this one* refuses to jet to ''cleaner'' climes
to suck in canary whine
I know where I'm from and its here.
I am SUCH a racist
I'm kicking back against the black
who thinks all white people look the same
I've had that you know, in a shop in morningside

White devil. got that too
I'm kicking back against captain china
with the only thought in his ole mind
''this guy's here to rob me blind''
and at which it never fails

''what a nice wee boy''
Is the one I get from my own people
and that one hurts the most
I know I'm capable of lots of evil
and straining to hold it back
gets so much harder when you belittle my self-control
cause its takes steel ball fists and a bitter clenched mouth
to not punch those false teeth
off your skull
(yeah so I hate old people too, but only the ones that suck that golden cock of capitalist capitulation)

but back to forrest.
its just far too white right now.
I've met scottish people darker than night
the Forest went mono snow
just when it needs a distant glow
lets drag the black brown and yellow stars of a new Scotland
in the dirty doors
corrupt the yoof
the only ones getting robbed right now
the naive
because they think their culture can be bought and sold on an open market?
fuck that
the young have been selling their dreams for too long
I give mine away for payment, yes
payment in Kind
I join with the collective foresst creative mind
the only place I lay allegiance
Scotland: a place where rebels flee,ed oppressive governments in order to find freedom
freedom: relief from oppression
oppression: someone else telling you how to think, not what to do.
what to do: think differently (and forget, please, that this is also a slogan for a certain computer company)
edinburgh: site of an auld toll between here and there, us and them, the living and the dead

are my definitions too oppressive for you? HAHA.

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Re: INTRODUCTIONS, or ''hear's what I believe INN''

Post by mrk » Thu Nov 18, 2010 10:57 am

ah ken

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Re: INTRODUCTIONS, or ''hear's what I believe in''

Post by mrk » Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:46 am


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