Psycho​-​Acoustic Sculptures Vol. 6‏‏‏

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Psycho​-​Acoustic Sculptures Vol. 6‏‏‏

Post by thehemulen » Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:07 am

Friends & Comrades!

its that time of year again and as ever my great honour to be able to present to you the latest instalment of the Psycho-Acoustic Sculptures series.

You can stream or download Volume 6 in its entirety at or my homepage: as well as other platforms such as lastFM ... res+Vol.+6, ... turesVol.6
and of course Forest Records ... -volume-6/.
If you prefer a physical format, just let me know.

Lend and ear and tell me what you think: i'd love to get your feedback.

Hope you're having a fine autumn. Happy listening!

All the best,

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