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Advert for Film Tour

Post by Lynne » Thu Feb 19, 2009 1:05 pm

Dear film booker,

News on several film tours, new titles in distribution and loose ideas here:

(1) I'll be doing my last film tour from mid-Sept. to mid-Oct. 2009 and this time I will be joining forces with one of America's most interesting experimental filmmakers, Kerry Laitala. This will open up a wide range of films we can offer, from historical programing to her own fascinating experimental work and my more B-movie-flavored material. In all we can offer about 8 different programs to chose from. If interested I can provide more info on her, her films, terms, and which of my shows are available.

(2) Ryan Daly has added another program of early rock doc material to his April tour, pairing the early Stones documantary CHARLIE IS MY DARLING with LONELY BOY, making for a show of 87 minutes. This in addition
to BEFORE FAME: FIRST FILMS BY CELEBRATED FILMMAKERS that include debut works by Marty Scorsese, Roman Polanski, John Whitney and others. If interested contact Ryan directly at
He will also be in Europe in July and can present film then as well.

(3) New 16mm prints available for rental include DETOUR ('45) and RED PLANET MARS ('52)

(4) Programing idea: This year is the 20th anniversary of the death of the Scottish psychiatrist, R.D. Laing whose teachings inspired Ken Loach to make FAMILY LIFE. We have a very good 35mm print of FAMILY LIFE which might be paired with the 1989 UK TV doc on Laing entitled DID YOU USED TO BE R.D. LAING?

(5) Anna Biller's VIVA remains in distribution and the print will be in Holland and Germany in March so shipping will be much cheaper if you are in this area and book it then. Check for more info.

(6) Remember we can privide films for themes that deal with FILM NOIR (3 titles) or GRINDHOUSE CINEMA (4 titles) in case you are thinking of doing a series on these topics.

Cordially, Jack Stevenson

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