Forest Film

Forest is people. People is you. You is us.
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Forest Film

Post by Olivier » Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:14 pm

Hey people,
i would make a presentation of The Forest with a realisation of a film. Then show this film in differents places to involve the young people in these kinds of project. A film about Forest could show to the people, it's possible, we can do it.
So i'm coming back to edinburgh for the new year, then i'm gonna stay a while to make this film.
I already think to film the people who was at the beginning of the project, to ask about the story of this project (Why, How,ect.).
Film EVS people, to show their implication in the forest, and the changement they bring.
To film Forest and the people who involve inside.

I want this project, a common project. So give your idea, opinion, comment, money :D .


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Re: Forest Film

Post by Ida » Sun Oct 19, 2008 10:47 pm

good idea...I was thinking about a similar thing...but earlier...there is a film competition for short movies
(which must be sent until the 1st of december) and I would like to do something about the forest. the topics are quite interesting, have a look at !!! it should just be 5 minutes long. maybe we can also use the material for your idea, olivier...
I have a vague idea of concentrating on a few people and following their steps, movements, crossing ways, related objects etc, so that we will see a couple of interesting places inside of the forest, put nice music, and maybe information about what the forest is about in the end...
I would like to have a meeting with all people interested in this to gather ideas and split tasks...I dont know if we can use our camera, also I dont know about cutting etc, this is completely new to me, its an experience, so come people people people! I think the meeting will be friday or saturday...what do you think?

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