Tonight looks ace - Night Manager needed!...

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Tonight looks ace - Night Manager needed!...

Post by lucky » Fri Apr 11, 2008 1:17 pm

Yo monsters,

We've got no-one to run the cafe this evening at all, and no-one in the 3-8 or 5-10 shifts today. I would appreciate getting away from Forest promptly tonight. If anyone would like to Night Manage, please call the cafe and let us know.

Tonight looks like an amazing night. I've seen bits of the Magick Magick Mushrooms and they're an ACE band of 14yr olds with eccentric songs and decent musical skills.

I seen Joe Black and Andrew V putting up posters. I do know they're pretty, and we all know that's all you need in the music biz.

Give us a shout,


Fri 11th
Joe Black & Andrew V.

Andrew V, songs about love lost, love gained, and love for smoking
Joe Black, Vaudevillian whiskey soaked cabaret.
plus support from Ryan (insert terribly long name here), purveyor of anti-folk

Magic Magic Mushrooms

mish-mash bish-bosh psychedelic peculiar

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