CIVICUS Youth Assembly selection week - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

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CIVICUS Youth Assembly selection week - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

Post by dan » Wed Mar 19, 2008 4:11 pm

The CIVICUS Youth Assembly

From the 16th to the 18th of June 2008 the CIVICUS Youth Assembly will be held in Glasgow. The Youth Assembly will offer 200 young international delegates the opportunity to participate in a program and a space to develop and commit to action.


The Youth Assembly Team are looking for young international people to select participants who will take part as delegates in the Youth Assembly.

Around 900 young people from all over the world have applied to attend the CIVICUS Youth Assembly hosted by the Roars Not Whispers Project. There are only 200 places so we want to ensure the most active, interested and passionate young people get to attend the event. It is important the application process is transparent and that is why we would be very keen to get young international people with an interest in youth participation to select the applicants.

Selection week:

The 1st to the 4th of April from 10 am till evening.

We are looking for people who would be free all or any of these dates and for as little or as much of the day as they can. There will be lunch and refreshments provided.

The selection days would involve participants reading short application forms and marking them on a scale in accordance with criteria set by the group on the 1st day of the selection week.

What would you get from it?

* A chance to help out a new youth-led organisation which is working with young people throughout Scotland and internationally.
* An opportunity to find out more about the Roars Not Whispers Project and the Scottish Youth Parliament.
* A chance to be involved in part of the process for a high profile youth event taking place in Scotland in June 2008.
* An opportunity to find out about young activist from around the world - read about the projects and initiatives they are involved in.
* Gain a picture of the diversity and commitment of young people’s participation in global issues.


The SYP/Youthlink offices at Haymarket train station in Edinburgh:

Rosebery House, 9 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5EZ


Emma Laverie at the Roars Not Whispers Project

0131 313 2488
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