Trouble in the toilets - A Fight story

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Trouble in the toilets - A Fight story

Post by danny » Fri Feb 22, 2008 8:26 pm

So I went to open the toilet door and it was locked. “You might have to wait a minute” said an angry voice. “Yeah, blatantly”, I muttered accidentally, kind of pissed off that someone would be pissed off at me just for trying the toilet door. I was also pissed off that I had said something pissed off back in the first place. I forgot about being pissed off and didn't think any more about it. When I came out, him and his mate were waiting for me, looking for a fight. He was a tall guy, black bomber jacket, rotting teeth, a lost, distant , disturbed expression and drug worn features. His mate looked much more with it and more dangerous. Spiked chin stud and glaring angry eyes. “Did you call my brother a raj junky fuck?” he threatened me in a “disnae really matter whit ye say, you're getting a hidin', cos I'm a raj junky fuck”, kind of way.
“I didn't say anything!” I said, forgetting about my under the breath comment. I went back into the toilet and put the guitar down in the hope it wasn't going to get broken. The raj junky fuckers who were not to be called raj junky fuckers, stepped in. I wanted to cry. I was scared they would back me into the cubicle and give me a right doin'. I wondered if the girls who had left earlier would send help in time.

The guy attacked me. I kept my cool. Without even trying. I punched him right in his oncoming forehead with my lip. I raised my fists and effortlessly punched him right in the fist with the side of my face and yelled out. “Aarghh!” That scared them, so they fucked off. If his fist hurts as much as my face, then that's the last we'll be seeing of them!

The moral of the story is –

never punch someone in the fist with your face.

If someone has “I want to steal something, take my drugs and have a fight” written all over their face then they probably want to steal something, take their drugs and have a fight. Keep an eye out and try to get them to leave quietly with as little stealing, drug taking or fighting as possible.

Don't write "I want to steal something, take my drugs and have a fight" all over your face. It's not like people would be able to read the words anyway, all they'll see is your face covered in pen marks and everyone will think you're a dick who just wants to steal stuff, take drugs and have a fight.

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Post by ravanwin » Fri Feb 22, 2008 9:21 pm

very sorry. if we see them again we will become the victors. have you ever seen them again.

barr everyone.


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Post by bill » Fri Feb 22, 2008 11:14 pm

aye man, proper sorry. guitar ok? good job she didn't attack any of their feet.

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Post by Shannon » Sat Feb 23, 2008 11:17 am

Boo. Sorry to hear that Danny. But the freeshop and toilets looked gooood...

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