Vollies needed, today and for the coming days.

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Vollies needed, today and for the coming days.

Post by lucky » Sun Jul 08, 2007 2:45 pm


I'm wondering if anyone can help out for today and the coming days.

We're needing a 3-8 and 5-10, and 7-close and 9-close.

And, there's no-one to help Ryan tomorrow morning.

It's looking a bit sparse in general over the next week. Maybe it's because a lot of people have gone home for a bit, maybe people are relaxing after their exams, maybe it's the freaky weather we've been having.

Alas, the Forest still needs to run. And, being a KM, it gets lonely and sad when you're by yourself. And stressful. You can't even go for a poo!

So, give us a call (0131 2204538) or come in and have a look at the rota, for today of the future. It will make the Forest very happy.

Cheers! Alex*

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