The Magnificent Seven: Forest Events Nov 8th -15th

Forest is people. People is you. You is us.
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The Magnificent Seven: Forest Events Nov 8th -15th

Post by Jimmy Bastard » Wed Nov 08, 2006 11:33 am

Wed 8th

7-8 PM
Sixty minutes from the olde school played at 78rpm.
4680 revolutions of sweet charm.

9-11 PM
Matthew Barley
Classically trained cellist with a maverick bent.
This man is to the cello what a kaleidoscope is to a magi-mix.
Has plaudits reaching for superlatives all across the globe.

Thu 9th
7-11 PM
In Da Compund
Streetcore poetry, heavy hip-hop and undusted jungle.
Straight-up special.

Fri 10th

8 PM
Misc Music
Designers of sound expound the new sound of electronica.
Look alive!

Sat 11th

9-10.30 PM

frontier folk revival of the fittest

Sun 12th

9 PM – Close

Shit Trinket
Ben is back! and Sam too! Our favourite selectors spin out the week.
Expect a Beck-lectic mix, their vinyl weighs a ton.

Mon 13th

Film Night
Let’s go to the motherfuckin’ movies!

Tues 14th

4-6 PM
Smells like Comedy: Van Winkle’s Archive presents
Mr Show
‘There was this hunger striker, see, who wanted to be buried in mashed potatoes and an evil genius who hosted a doomsday telethon with a sidekick who sounded like…’

Mr Show
Lucy de Butts
joni mitchell style
9-20 PM
Steve Flanagan
ben folds style.
let the style wars commence.

10-11 PM

Nick and Dave
The cerebral musicality of jazz mixed with the visceral groove of folk.
Jazz and Folk combine. No joke.

Wed 15th

7-8 PM

Kim’s carefully selects 78s for the gramophone.
‘He's the most hyped up wigga on the planet’ TimWestwood.

9-11 PM
Jazz Fight Club
“They’re singing your praises while stealing your phrases.”
Pep Up The Turmoil

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